Wireless Network Watcher voor Windows

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Discover intruders on your Wi-Fi network

Even if your wireless network is protected by a password, there is a chance that someone has managed to connect to it without your knowledge. Now, if you are particularly charitable and don’t mind slower internet speeds so others can enjoy your internet for free, then carry on. If you are like me, however, and want to selfishly enjoy the internet you pay for at full speed, then Wireless Network Watcher is the tool you need.

A scan has been said

Using Wireless Network Watcher is simple, just open the program and it scans your network to show all of the connected devices. Within moments you can see any unwanted visitors. Wireless Network Watcher also provides details about the intruder, including IP address, MAC router, and type of user.It is not perfect, however. In our tests, Wireless Network Watcher did not detect every device on our (admittedly large) network on the first scan, demanding repeated tests to get a full picture. Also, Wireless Network Watcher is just a window into your network. It offers no warning and provides no method to block or ban intruders. Instead it just shows you that action needs to be taken – but only when you remember to look.On the plus side, Wireless Network Watcher is really easy to use. You just have to click on the button in its toolbar or press the F5 key. Scanning is almost instantaneous and cumulative, with already discovered computers remaining on the list and new ones being added.

A good Wi-Fi guardian

Despite the problems mentioned, Wireless Network Watcher is a great tool to defend you Wi-Fi network. If you suspect that someone is leaching off your connection, do not hesitate to download it.


  • Quick and simple scan of your local network
  • Icons for each device
  • Export data in various formats
  • Background scanning


  • No warning or blocking functions

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Wireless Network Watcher voor PC

  • Gratis
  • In Nederlands
  • V 2.23
  • 3.8
  • (1263)
  • Beveiligingsstatus

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